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Cattle and small ruminant services are available at your ranch, where our portable hydraulic chute can be utilized, or at our haul-in facility, which is complete with indoor and outdoor chutes and secure pens.  Listed below is a summary of some of the services we offer:

Herd Health
Powder River Veterinary Hospital & Supply, PC is experienced in providing beef cattle producers with a variety of herd health services including pregnancy detection, customized vaccination programs & breeding programs, and production problems.

Livestock castration, de-horning,  caesarian sections, and a variety of other surgeries can be performed at our large animal barn.

Artificial Insemination
We offer laparoscopic artificial insemination for sheep and goats using top of the line surgical equipment and facilities. With appropriate management and high-quality semen, pregnancy rates approaching 80% can be achieved using this method.  We are able to store frozen semen on-site at our clinic.  At this time we do not offer embryo flushes or transfers for sheep or goats.  Click HERE for more information about the laparoscopic AI procedure and management of ewes and does. 

Parasite Control
Testing, treating, and prevention of internal and external parasites are important to the health of livestock.  Our veterinarians will help you develop parasite treatment and control programs specific to your needs.

Neonatal care
Diseases in newborn livestock can be devastating.  We can help you treat and prevent neonatal diseases in all livestock (failure of passive transfer, septicemia, etc), as well as evaluate or help you design calving and lambing facilities that minimize disease exposure. 

We are equipped with portable digital x-ray and ultrasound to meet a variety of imaging needs, including early (>30 days) pregnancy diagnosis.

Bull Breeding Soundness
We offer complete bull breeding soundness evaluations (BSE) utilizing current standards for acceptable minimum traits in breeding bulls.   BSE’s provided by a trained, experienced veterinarian are the surest way to maximize pregnancy rates in your cattle.  Whether it is 1 bull or 100, Powder River Veterinary Hospital & Supply, PC is able to service your needs.

We provide brucellosis vaccination and testing, tuberculosis testing, trichomoniasis testing, health certificates and other regulatory requirements for the interstate movement of livestock.

Diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

In-house and referral lab services
Powder River Veterinary Hospital & Supply, PC is equipped with a complete in-house laboratory capable of performing blood chemistries, complete blood counts, urinalyses,  parasite screening, and others.  We also utilize numerous referral laboratories to perform those tests we do not have available to us in-house.

FFA and 4H Projects
Livestock projects require an enormous amount of effort and dedication. The staff at Powder River Veterinary Hospital & Supply, PC, can help 4H and FFA members with information about taking care of and preparing livestock projects for the fair.

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